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Our maxime: structure determines function

Already in the 80s I discovered osteopathy for my work. Fascinated by the experience, its methods and effects I began training to become an osteopath in Hamburg 1994. Since 1999 I have been practicing in my own practice - which was first located at Berlin Kreuzberg - and is now being continued at Berlin Tempelhof.

Though having many years of experience, each day I am still fascinated anew by experiencing the progression of my patients and continuing the search for health and its mechanisms. In doing so I especially have been fascinated and inspired by encountering the philosophy of Patrik van den Heeden. The interplay of osteopathy and yoga improves the chances of healing in a sustainable way and provides the opportunity of lifestyle change and prevention of secondary illnesses.


Sabine Wilhelm

Sabine Wilhelm

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1988 - 1991Training to become a physiotherapist
1993 - 1999Training to become an osteopath at Skom
(graduation in 2000)
2001Training to become a yoga teacher in Austria
2002 - 2004Training in children's osteopathy at Hamburg
2004 - 2009
Training program with Patrik van den Heeden on
Embryological patterns of Treis-Kaden and
Morphogenetic fields
2005Membership in the Association of the
Osteopathen Deutschland e.V
 Participation in various national congresses and
further trainings
since 2016
Biodynamic Osteopathy (in training)
Training to become an Inspirations-Coach

Services we offer

We would like to point out that we can only provide examples which in no case guarantee a promise of healing and also emphasize that, in individual cases, treatment may not be indicated even in case of the listed application examples.

Services: Children's osteopathy

With us, your child is in good hands
The younger a child, the more the organism differs from that of an adult. Every day innumerable connections in the brain and the rest of the nervous system develop. The bones are characterized by growth zones, the skull is still very mobile, the immune system dissolves from natural, maternal protection. Adaptation to these changes requires a high degree of freedom of organ systems. Blockades, eg in the movement apparatus, the organs, the nervous system, the blood circulation or the digestion, can cause physical and psychological complaints. While treating your child with my learned repertoire, I try to activate the release with gentle, manual methods to adapt the whole organism. If the organism accepts this adaptation, it will integrate it and eliminate the symptoms by itself.

Operating principle
The primary characteristic of life is movement. The body works by its ability to perform movements. This is not only about joint movements, but also about subtle rhythmic and unconscious movements of all body structures and organs, eg the rhythm of the heart and lungs, the movements of the bowels, the movement of the blood, the lymph flow and the brain fluid. Every structure knows its own movement. Even a small loss of movement or rhythm can lead to local and general malfunctions with or without symptoms.

The concept of osteopathy
Osteopathy is a method of manual medicine. Dr. Andrew Tailor Still (who lived from 1828 to 1917) already developed it more than 100 years ago. The goal of osteopathy is to find and eliminate movement restrictions in all functional cycles. This gives the human body the basis to find back its individual functional equilibrium in a self-regulating way.

The basic principles

  1. A person works as a unit.
  2. The body possesses self-healing mechanisms that aim to restore balance.
  3. Body structure and function are interrelated.

Osteopathy is a useful addition to existing classical medicine.

Treatment methods
The concept of "osteopathic dysfunction" has become the foundation for working with patients: a tangible restriction of the mobility of the tissues of the body becomes the directive for diagnosis and therapy. This stands in contrast to symptom description and treatment in "classical" medicine.
The simplest way to reconstruct the osteopathic dysfunction is in the area of the joints, the so-called "blocked" joints. In osteopathy, however, this concept is extended much further, eg to internal organs and their free sliding against each other or tensions of blood vessels in the context of adaptation reactions to stress.

Health insurance
Since January 2012, many health insurance companies have taken over the costs of osteopathy treatments pro rata. We would like to point out that we can only provide examples which in no case guarantee a promise of healing and also emphasize that, in individual cases, treatment may not be indicated even in case of the listed application examples.

We would like to point out that since 2012 many health insurance funds are providing a subsidy for osteopathic treatments.
please inquire with your health insurance company.

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